Trekking in Zaleski

It’s Saturday, which means we’re currently somewhere within the confines of the pines at Zaleski State Forest. Yesterday, we loaded down our backpacks with gear, made a dash to the store for grub replenishments, tossed everything in the car and set out in the humid afternoon air on our way to the trailhead. This marks … More Trekking in Zaleski

Weekend Warriors

It’s almost the end of the week, which for us means we’re gearing up for our next trip. We already have the details nailed down and we’ve started sorting our gear out, gathering up the few pieces that need a quick laundry cycle before we can add them to the packing pile. Once tomorrow comes, … More Weekend Warriors

Backpacker Gourmet

If you don’t love to eat, stop reading this site immediately, because we can never be friends. One of our favorite pastimes is food. We spend an enormous amount of time thinking about it. The meal planning, grocery shopping, sorting, packing, and cooking. Word to the wife’s Le Creuset collection. I can promise you they … More Backpacker Gourmet

This Thing of Ours

A common misconception that we notice people tend to have about a majority of hikers and backpackers is that they are loners, escaping to the wilderness in hopes of avoiding the general public altogether. In a sense, they’re right. The peace of mind it brings to get away from the hustle and bustle while reconnecting … More This Thing of Ours