Thru-Hiking TV Guide

When you start backpacking or at least have the drive to start, you will undoubtedly come across this easy (read: incredibly hard) and inexpensive (read: stupidly expensive) feat known as thru-hiking. You will come to know the big three, all of which are required to earn a Triple Crown in the thru-hiking world. These consist of the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail… or the AT, PCT, and CDT for short.

You might be thinking “Matt & Bailey, that’s cool and all, but what the hell does any of this have to do with TV? Speaking of which, I’m missing my show, let’s speed this article up!”

Good point! Moving right along:

We wanted to put together a list of all the YouTube content creators who have helped us, inspired us, or just flat out entertained us along the way on our own backpacking escapades. Hopefully you will find the same value in their videos as we have, which will include; beginner tips, gear reviews, thru-hiking adventures and much more! Without these individuals, we would probably be lugging around 80 pound packs and be ill-equipped to backpack anywhere outside of our own backyard.

Now, here’s the guide:

1. Homemade Wanderlust (Dixie)

Dixie is a real treat to watch and has the heart of a lion and the elegance of a gazelle. She’s what the old school cats call a Southern Belle. She has completed the AT, PCT, and is currently undertaking the wildest of the wild, the CDT.

2. Darwinonthetrail

Darwin is a very down to Earth, laid back hiker with a smooth delivery. If Morgan Freeman was younger, had a hell of a beard, and no movie career… this is probably what his life would look and sound like. Darwin has completed the AT and is currently hiking the PCT this year.

3. Tim Watson

If you know enough about thru-hiking already, you might be licking your chops to quip that Tim Watson is not a thru-hiker. Excellent observation, reader! Not all those who make this list will be. However, Tim is from my home state and I’ll be damned if he isn’t making the cut. He’s a knowledgeable dude with a breadth of backpacking trips under his belt and gear reviews beneath his trail runners. Enjoy!

4. Follow Bigfoot

For tips and reviews, backpacking adventures, Q&As with thru-hikers both past and present, this is your guy. His gear has been tested and put through hell in order to bring you the scoop on what does and doesn’t work in the field. And by field, I mean the woods and the desert. Obviously.

5. IBTAT (I’ve Been to a Town)

Heed the profanity that lies ahead, viewer, because IBTAT doesn’t care whether or not you think he’s a foul-mouthed heathen. He’s headed for Maine on the Appalachian Trail and he’s determined to call everything as he sees it. And the way he sees it is comprised of enough f-bombs to make Samuel L. Jackson a bit jealous.

6. Fight for Together (The Family)

If you ever wondered how sex, family, hauling a toddler, as well as another five kids (one of them being named Seven, almost there!) along the Appalachian Trail works, wonder no more! This is how it’s done. Their videos contain an in-your-face look at a family with an honest and open approach to presenting their daily struggles and triumphs without constraints.

7. Outdoor Adventures (Frozen)

Frozen is yet another resource to utilize for beginner backpackers, as well as filming his own trips and holding meet-ups for his viewers and fellow backpacking gurus. He is currently planning to hike the Appalachian Trail in 2019!

8. The Blackalachian

The Blackalachian has been called the first gold-mouthed rapper to hike the entire Appalachian Trail. He is entertaining, positive, generally lighthearted and always a joy to watch. He stays connected with his viewers and even opened a store (Love & Light) where they can pick up t-shirts, stickers, hats, etc. in order to help fund his next adventure and keep them looking stylish!

9. Adventure Archives

Finally, rounding out the list is a group of guys who I have probably been watching longer than anyone else I’ve mentioned. They are a team of four, filming their trips and providing a wealth of knowledge through their journeys. From mushrooms, to edible plant life, a general sense of appreciation for nature itself, and even what you can or can’t eat in your own backyard… Andrew, Bryan, Robby, and Thomas have you covered!

What, no 10th spot? That’s right. Us hippie-dippy backpacker types don’t conform to the man and his plan. Alright, fine, I’ll drop one more name:

10. Rabid Rabbit

You have to love an older gentleman with a knack for dry humor and a will to kick the PCT in the balls. Enter Rabid Rabbit. He’s currently filming his adventure for all to witness, despite his wife thinking the cheese has slid right off of his cracker.

There, 10. Once you check these awesome folks out, you can get back to The Handmaid’s Tale or The Sopranos (Not cancelled, never happened! lalalala!) or whatever else is sitting on your streaming list.

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