Backpacker Gourmet

If you don’t love to eat, stop reading this site immediately, because we can never be friends. One of our favorite pastimes is food. We spend an enormous amount of time thinking about it. The meal planning, grocery shopping, sorting, packing, and cooking. Word to the wife’s Le Creuset collection. I can promise you they aren’t just for show.

Thankfully, we’re being limited less and less as to what we can concoct for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the trail with the backpacking takeover hitting its stride. During our last trip we had biscuits and gravy for dinner. No, we didn’t pack in 50 pound cast iron pieces and break our backs over it. We boiled water. That’s literally the end of the cooking process. Boiled water, added to a meal package. Sounds disgusting, right? It was mind-blowing! I mean surprisingly delicious. Shocking, even.

Maybe you’ve already heard of Mountain House meals and you dehydrate your own food to pack in while saving weight and money. If so, that’s even better! If not, you’re in for a treat, because this company actually produces prepackaged food that you won’t want to fling through the woods for the animals to snub their nose at. That wouldn’t be very Leave No Trace of you, would it?

That’s all good and well, you say, but what about snacking? Oh man, we are the ultimate munch monsters. I’m thinking about what I can snack on as I’m writing this. Probably as you’re reading it, too!

You want to hear something that will change your life? Well, I don’t have that for you today, but if you take Duke’s Original Beef Jerky and mix it with those little Babybel cheese wheels, it’s close! Finish it off with a pack of Welch’s Fruit Snacks and you’re on your way to the summit of Mount Katahdin.

I’d cover more food items, but I’m hungry, so you’ll have to wait it out for a sequel. If I don’t eat that, too.

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